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After reading so many resolutions or goals, I've been thinking about what my own might be. As I am not a published author and have a very demanding full-time job, my goals for 2008 are split between my actual career and my writing.

My writing goals for 2008 are:

*Finish the first draft of Book One by mid-March.
*Finish the second and more complete draft by July 4th.
*Find readers for this draft.
*Finalize manuscript by the end of 2008.

*Add research time to my already packed reading schedule (work dominates this).

So, my main writing goal to accomplish in 2008 is to finish writing Book One and shape it into submission form.

Step One is to sit down this evening and read straight through the 34,000 words I have so far (which is Part One of Book One). Then, I begin more writing this weekend. Normally, I would pick up where I left off and continue through until the first draft of Book One is completed. However, I have spent much of December really rehashing the book as it stands and comparing where it needs to be to where it currently is. And I already have in my head what needs to be changed in Part One and how those changes need to be implemented. And there is no point going forward into Part Two without Part One being fixed since the narrative voice and pacing will be dramatically different than it now stands.

As a result, at least half and probably two-thirds of the 34,000 words will be tossed. Certain key moments and scenes from them will remain as plot elements, but they will require a rewrite to fit the new structure.

I'm actually enjoying this process. I like that I have reached a point where I can toss things aside, things I really like, because I know it will improve the story. I guess it does help that I don't have a contracted deadline looming somewhere in the distance. I imagine that might take some of the fun out of the early creation process.

Next post will focus on my reading goals for 2008.



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