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So, 2007 is nearly done and as I look back on the year (at least from a writing perspective) I realize both disappointment and accomplishment.

On the disapointment side, I've written far fewer words than I had hoped. I've also read far fewer books than I had hoped.

However, on the accomplishment side, the story I've been working on has dramatically developed towards where it belongs as a story. I'm pretty amazed at the overall transformation this story has undertaken since it first popped into my head way way back when I was in Junior High School.

And this year alone it has really, finally, shown me how I really am supposed to tell it.

So, while my word count for the year was abysmal, what I did write, and especially what I did develop, makes 2007 overall a really good writing year.

Hopefully, 2008 will see a finished manuscript for Book One.
Tags: first novel, writing

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