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So, there I was feeling great about having finished Part One, especially basking in how I "fixed" how Part One ended. So, I took a little break to let Part Two begin to gel and take stock of where I was and where I needed to get to with the plot.

And that's when I realized the fixed ending of Part One needs to go. While the scene is really cool, the event that caps Part One is supposed to come near the end of the entire book. It is the accomplishment of the task assigned to the main antagonist. So, I have to scrap the cool climax of Part One and rewrite what happens.

It seems my antagonist is destined to go on his journey after all. However, instead of riding forth with one slightly crazy tormented wizardesque companion, he's now riding forth in royal company having found himself suddenly betrothed as the price he has to pay for royal help.

So, I have to go back and change each of the antagonist's chapters from a certain point to really fix Part One. And, even though the cool event I have to remove is out, it did serve the very important purpose of showing me how my antagonist was to accomplish his task, something that I've puzzled over for a while now.

First drafts are fun.

(an interesting note (at least to me): While spell checking I realized I referred to my antagonist as my protagonist throughout the post. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. While I have an ensemble cast in this book, the antagonist is more so the main character than anyone else. He also finds himself in the role traditionally reserved for the protagonist: He is sent from his home on a quest during which he must complete certain tasks, while trying not to get himself killed.)



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