cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

Part One is done...

Well, pretty much. Or at least it's as done as it is going to be until the rewrite.

It came in a little over 32,000 words. Not too bad. I suspect the final version will be at least 40,000 words. I tend to write a bit different than what I have seen from some others. I've come across many examples of where they chop out in the revision process. I write my first drafts rather sparsely worded. It's in the second draft where I really flesh out the narrative and tighten the uniqueness of each POV "voice", if that makes sense.

Overall, I'm happy with the result. It's a good foundation. I do know that Part One will get a bit of a reworking, especially with the one POV character I've had so much trouble with. Once her story solidifies I will be able to rework her opening chapters so that they have more purpose than they currently appear to have.

Sometimes you have to know exactly what and how somethings happen before you can properly show how the character got there.

I think the biggest challenge I've had has been the fact that, in a very early incarnation of this story (as in waaay back) almost the entire story was told through her POV (still 3rd person). Now, she is an important character, but not one the story directly centers on the most. Since this restructure has sort of pushed her to the sidelines more than she used to be it has proven difficult to fit her in. Yet, I need to, since she is still a critical character to the overall story arc of the five book series.

An interesting challenge as a writer, if nothing else.

**on a side note, how can lj not have Elated as a mood? And how can it not recognize proven as a word?**
Tags: first novel, writing

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