cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

Part One nears completion

So, I'm almost done with Part One of Book 1. I still have one more major scene to write to set the stage for what the main antagonist will be up to in Part Two. After that, I need to finish rewriting the dreaded Chapter 13. As the main event of the chapter happens still, but takes place in the POV character's own ducal home instead of the Isle's capital, I will probably just write the chapter completely over. And then there is finishing the add-ons to chapters 9 and 10 which prompt this POV character's return home.

Also, I reread chapter 16 where I introduce my favorite character and realized I had to add more information, key information, in fact. That's done finally. So now, as mentioned above, one more major scene to write and then Part One of Book One is done (first draft, that is).

And then it will be on to Part Two. That should be interesting, and challenging. Part One has only 3 POV characters (well 4 if the one bridge scene is counted). Part Two expands this to include at least two more.

No word count update yet. When I finish Part One (hopefully this weekend) I'll update the count to see where I'm at.
Tags: first novel, writing

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