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...this is my first post here in livejournaland. Well, work on my novel is progressing. I've picked the somewhat obligatory 100,000 word goal -- since it is a fantasy novel -- and have managed just shy of 17,000 words so far. My first drafts tend to be sparsely written, mostly to get the story down on paper. I'm hoping 100,000 is a realistic number. The 17,000 pages comprise the first 9 chapters, which is still the opening section of the book. I'm a couple of chapters away from the place where the bulk of the narrative takes place. I can easily see the 17,000 words ballooning up to 25,000 in the second draft when I flesh everything out. I suppose it would work if the opening section comprised 25% of the novel.

Let's try out the word count tool:

Tags: first novel, writing

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