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So, it took about a day or so, but I figured out how to handle my POV character who's been hanging out with little to do. Not only do I know what subplot to introduce, it ties right into the future sub plot I knew I was going to have running.

So, what looked like a dilemma turned out to be a plus, because I now have a way to subtly set up one of the main future sub plots of the series.

Now, all I have to do is get back to continuing the first draft. This issue has actually been hanging around for a long time, even though I only really confronted it this weekend. I know where I am going from here (albeit with surprises that will surely come) so progress on the first draft should pick up and move along at a brisker pace.

I'm setting a preliminary target date of November 25th to complete the first draft of the book. That is a tight schedule to maintain, but setting specific goals helps accomplish tasks.
Tags: first novel, writing

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