cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

steps forward and backward

So, I managed to rework chapter 13 and start chapter 14, but I discovered a problem with one of my POV characters. She is currently the POV character for events that happen at a particular place. She will soon be traveling, however. The problem I have is there is nothing for her to participate in at the moment. She's sort of the odd person out for this brief period of time.

So, I'm trying to figure out what to do with her. While coming up with something should be simple enough, I have to come up with something that another character can step in and take over as a POV character to show the important events that will continue to take place where she currently is. So, what I still have to nail down is the subplot of the overall series that takes place in her homeland. I know where it will be going but that isn't until book 2. I have to find something preliminary to do.

This is a challenge. Anyway, while I have finished chapter 13 and started chapter 14 the overall wordcount barely budged. More progress was made on the story than the wordcount indicates. While I do have this POV/subplot dilemma, I did manage to come up with some very cool tidbits that will have an impact on not only this series but the trilogy that takes place 1000 years later.

At least I'm passed the quarter mark.
Tags: first novel, writing

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