cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

2012 - Year In Review..and a peek into 2013

-Didn't read enough.
-Didn't write enough.
-Worked too much.
-Played too little.

That about sums it up.

Overall though, the year is ending nicely. I've read and written more in the last two months of the year than the other 10 combined. Already making the changes I want to make for a more fulfilling year.

Reading-wise the new year will begin as it ends: reading the entire Wheel Of Time series. Almost finished with Book 2. Going to try and read 1 book a week but not sure if I can keep that pace up with work demands.

Writing-wise the new year will begin as it ends: working on this damned book that first popped into my head while sitting bored in math class back in Junior High School (too many years ago to care to remember). A drive from New York to North Carolina and back gave me plenty of plot-solving time to work through some things. A sentence spoken by one secondary character to another secondary character opened wide a missing sub-plot/long multi-book story arc I've been floundering with so that was a nice year end gift to myself.

Looking forward to 2013.

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