cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

Writing in 2012

I realize I need to get back to making time for worldbuilding. As I continue work on my current WIP I notice holes in my worldbuilding that need plugging.

I did my first real writing of 2012 last night. About 2000 words. I think about 300 to 500 or so of them are good ones. But I stumbled across one of those worldbuilding holes in the process.

This chapter is definitely going to go through many revisions. It introduces two major characters, an infodump - hopefully a well disguised one - and two critical pieces of worldbuilding. Its a tricky one to get just right. I'm confident I will eventually. For now though its rough draft stuff which is fine.

Next scene introduces another key player and expands on one of the worldbuilding pieces. Looking forward to it.

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