cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

An interesting challenge

As I continue writing I realize I need to tell the next scene from the viewpoint of a particular knight. I created this character so many years ago while sitting in math class back in junior high school. And in all of those years I've only known him through the eyes of his son (who is one of the main viewpoint characters in the story I'm working on).

This man is the first knight of this particular realm (and has lived a very long time) so he is the standard bearer in their society of what a knight is. And yet I now have to discover who this man is. How his mind works. What does he notice? What burdens does he bear? How has bearing the responsibility for the safety of his lord worn on him through all of the countless ages?

I have a feeling I'm going to do quite a few rewrites but at least I know the scene that needs to take place so I have a concrete starting point in terms of what needs to happen in this scene.

It seems a bit odd, even to myself, that in all of these years I've never crawled inside his head. I wonder what I'm going to find in there.
Tags: viewpoint

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