cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

When does the opening section of a book end?

It seems I've been working on the opening chapters of my WIP forever. Probably because I have. This is not, however, due to me needing to have the opening perfect before being able to continue onwards. Rather, the story itself has changed quite a bit and there are key events in this opening that need to be changed.

Since one of these involves "unkilling" a character I really do need to redo the parts that just don't belong anymore. I'm almost there. While last night produced only about 650 words they were important ones. Very important ones. Not that they don't need quite a bit of work. This section I'm writing is a bit new concept-wise so I imagine it will undergo some mini-rewrites of its own. But that's for later.

Those 650 words revealed how I'm going to introduce a very important ability of one of the main characters. I've had no idea up till the moment the words began to flow that this was how I would introduce it. Happy to get that out of the way.
Tags: characterization, opening chapter, writing

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