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So, I'm winding down the reread and the thinking about the story process of a re-write/continue WIP and closing in on sitting butt in chair and writing.

I've taken a slightly different approach this time, one that seems so far to have been more helpful. While I have had my share of epiphanies and rude awakenings I've also been thinking about what I have accomplished regarding plot and characterization. But the difference this time is I've gone further. I'm asking myself: "Is this really necessary right here? Wouldn't the story benefit if I withheld this tidbit and sprang it upon the plot later? I mean what's the point of doing this now, so early in the book. Its just wasted."

Now that may seem an obvious thing but I tend to just let first drafts fly. But this ceased being a first draft a while ago. Depending upon which part of the WIP one looks at its a 3rd draft or a 2nd draft and yes, still parts a 1st draft.

I need to pay more attention. I've been fixing what I know is wrong so I can't exactly ignore my 2nd and 3rd draft brain poking my 1st draft brain and saying: "Um, no. That's really not going to work anymore. We've already figured out x though you haven't gotten to it yet, so, yeah, drop that."

One of the main reasons this WIP even exists was my brain needed to figure out how these characters got to where they were when I first met them from where they started out. So, I'm working towards pre-established events and people. Getting their growth, their progression just right is quite interesting, frustrating and fun.

My biggest fear at the moment is I've the sinking suspicion this book will end up twice as long as I originally expected. But then again it really isn't that same simple little story of how a boy became a knight. So much more. And while he is the main character out of a cast of almost main characters his story really has become how and why he becomes the knight he is later on.

If I had to pick one central theme for this book it is about Choice. The choices these characters make that changes each of their lives for better or ill. And how the choices of the powerful impact even the weakest.

I like it. Hopefully someday others will too.




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