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So this morning I had one of those moments where you just want to shout in elation. Being as I was at work I kept the expressions of joy internal.

I'm back in the thinking about the story before returning to actually writing it phase. I don't just dive right back into a particular WIP. I do a read through and then let it gestate in the brain for a bit. Interesting things usually pop to the surface, especially solutions to problems, or the realization a problem exists.

I have a character who has always been there in the background but was - during my rewrite of the opening sections of the WIP - promoted to viewpoint character with a very prominent role. Problem was I only knew what role she would play in events up till a certain moment in the story. After that I had no idea.

And earlier this morning it hit me. Now I don't know all of what she will accomplish from that point on but I figured out what happens to her at this critical moment. I wasn't sure if she was just fated to die right there or what was going to happen. But now I do.

And it actually ties into another character (the one I've recently had to scrap all scenes of). I think this idea will allow me to solve the riddle of both characters.

Now I just have to figure out the same for all of the other viewpoint characters. How in the world do I get them from where they are to where they will end up?

That's what the actual writing is for I suppose :-).

Feeling much better about my decision to promote this character to this level of participation.



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