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Good writing today...

So, I'm still working through the rewrite of the opening act of the book. So far I think it's going quite well. What was once Chapter One (and all seen through the POV of the squire) is still Chapter One but with 3 sub parts, each with a different POV.

I like being able to introduce these other two POV characters this quickly. And by making these POV changes some new things have cropped up that didn't exist before. Two characters from the duke's past have been added to the mix as well as a couple more action scenes that are the first blows towards the fall of one of my POVs.

I'm still working through plotting out the naval battles that will be included and am really excited about a new element I'll be adding to that part. Overall, the novel is coming along. I did a quick word count and this rewrite has only added about 2000 words to the overall length of the opening act but many of the words are rewritten and tighter and convey more that before.

Total word count so far is just over 56,000 words. Many many more to come.
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