cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

The cast grows...

I only managed about 500 words yesterday, but they were 500 words of firsts.

This beginning of a scene is from a new POV character I've never written before and the scene involves my first attempt at a naval encounter (triremes). It was mainly a feeling out of both.

Already I know where I want to go with the scene and that I have to change the last 50 words or so before continuing because the logistics just don't work. But I'm excited. Adding in a new aspect of world building by including the naval conflicts, and choosing to show most of it through a brand new POV character (she's been around in the background of the story since its inception many many years ago, but never played a real role) adds to both the challenge and the enthusiasm.

Now, this also brings up another issue. How many POV characters will this story have? I'm a firm believer in the antagonists getting their fair share of stage time in a story. So that manages to automatically expand my POV cast.

At the moment, I have 6 confirmed POV characters on the Protagonist side and 2 confirmed POV characters on the Antagonist side, with a 3rd as a real strong possibility.

Just how many minimum words are there for a POV character to actually be worth being a POV character in a book?
Tags: viewpoint

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