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Now that the Kindle has dropped to $299.00 I've been really thinking about buying one (or convincing my significant other to buy it for my birthday). But then I see that Barnes & Noble is coming out with e-books of their own. They appear to be partnering up with Plastic Logic, which has a really cool looking e-device coming out soon sometime in 2010.

Aside from that B&N is also offering their e-books in various phone formats. They have downloadable e-readers for Blackberry and iPhone.

I don't know how enjoyable (if at all) it would be to try and read a 700 page novel on my Blackberry, but it is tempting. If I could buy the e-book and transfer it between my phone and the Plastic Logic e-device that would be nice.

But still, Amazon talked recently about how, going forward, they will be treating their e-books and Kindle e-reader as two separate parts of their business. They're working on making their e-books readable on any e-reader and they're working on the Kindle being able to read any e-format.

So, I really don't know what to do yet. I don't know if I'd even really enjoy reading a book on an e-device. $299.00 is still quite a bit of money on a gamble.
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