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Writing update...

I'm a bit behind where I wanted to be with my WIP, but that's okay. I made the POV switch to introduce my next POV character. I wrote the opening paragraph then ground to a halt. I realized that her introduction would be very tricky as she possesses a particular ability that will really dominate her POV narrative. Added to this was the realization that she would be the one introducing two more critical characters to the story (one of them being her father who is a major POV character himself, but who has yet to enter the book).

So, not only do I have to write her correctly but I have to introduce these two characters through the prism of her perceptions which are impacted greatly by her ability (which is newly come to her and one she doesn't have anyway of controlling at this point).

So, I left it at that paragraph and then came back the next day...and suddenly the words were flowing, just pouring out. I managed to get down on paper everything I needed, while honing her POV voice. (She's always been the most difficult POV character for me, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of her. How to present her ability and the dramatic impact and influence it has over her was what was missing before.)

I also think I've come up with a structure for the book that will allow me to make POV switches as needed and not worry about the individual chapter length. I really do need to plot a loose outline for the reworking of the whole opening section of this WIP.

It's an interesting process: re-writing and reshaping a section of a story already written.



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