cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day is here...

So, today is the first annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day. In honor of this I did some writing today. I'm still working on finishing the revised opening chapter of my WIP. This is quite a different process for me. I have to go through what I've already written and add in new bits and take out old bits, or bits that are just wrong, or just have crappy writing.

One of my goals this week is to finish this revision of Chapter One. Then I can re-read it and then do an analysis of how I'm going to re-write the remaining chapters that already exist.

One thing I'm wondering about it the length. At the moment, Chapter One is just over 9000 words. The problem with this is my WIP has 22 chapters (and it's not even halfway done). So, 9000 words for the 1st chapter and then an average of 2000 words per chapter for the remaining 21 chapters.

While every chapter doesn't need to be the same length, having one chapter that is so much longer than all of the others doesn't feel right to me either. Perhaps I can find places to break this into multiple chapters. The problem with doing that, however, is at the moment I use chapter breaks for POV switches.

I'll have to think about how to tackle this.
Tags: chapter length, revisions, writing

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