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Warbreaker is out...

Brandon Sanderson's new novel WARBREAKER is out in stores today. It's a stand alone fantasy novel, which is a nice change.

Also, Brandon has been publishing on his website each draft of this book as he has been writing it, letting the reader share in his creation of the book.

It also has a really cool cover:

Warbreaker new

I'm looking forward to reading this. In fact, once I do purchase it, which hopefully will be in the next day or two, this goes to the top of my TBR pile, as in: it is next! Since I'm working on a stand-alone fantasy novel (even though, in the larger scheme of things, it really is a prequel story to a much bigger epic fantasy story that will span 5 books), I really want to read this to see how Brandon Sanderson manages to wrap up such a story in one novel.

Also, for those who still might not be aware, Brandon Sanderson was hand-picked to complete the Wheel of Time series. The finale is, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon how one looks at it), being released as 3 books to finish the series. The first one THE GATHERING STORM, is due out in November.

Sanderson also co-hosts an excellent writing podcast called Writing Excuses. They present a new writing podcast each Monday. Its a fun and enlightening listen. Here's the link: Writing Excuses

I'm in the middle of reading Myrren's Gift by Fiona McIntosh and thoroughly enjoying it. It started out pretty good and then, all of a sudden, it took off and really stepped up quite a few notches. So far so good. I'm glad I picked up the trilogy (though the second two books will have to wait a bit (see above)).
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