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Revisions...sort of...

So, I'm at work on my WIP, reworking the 50,000 words I wrote last year. I'm still working on the opening chapter. I had re-written a new opening, keeping the same setting but changing it up to have the POV character an active participant in the opening scene rather than just an observer.

So, I've managed to revise a few pages that were the original beginning so that it reflected the newer opening. I'm using MS Word and have the revision feature turned on. I really like this feature as it lets me add in new text and keeps what I delete in a side bar. I have the option to look over both new and old words. At some point I will accept the changes which will get rid of all of the sidebars.

Anyway, that aside, I'm at the point where the scene transitions into introducing the other POV characters. What I have to decide now is: do I really want to continue trying to revise the remainder of this chapter or just scrap what remains and continue from scratch?

I have to introduce (just to kill) a character that didn't exist when I wrote this originally. Doing that will make for some real difficult massaging of the existing words.

I'll have to play it out in my head. Before I take either course of action I really do need to nail down exactly what happens now, exactly what is different.

I like this part of the process. I sit back and try to visualize the scene as though its in a movie. This way I can see what would look realistic and then try and get that down on paper.

In the past I would just write. For this novel I'm going to try more of the pre-visualization to see if I can enrich my early draft, which should, hopefully, lessen the rewrites later.

I think I'm also going to write a chapter by chapter breakdown, listing the following:

  • POV character

  • purpose of scene

  • Date and Time

  • weather

Lot's of prep work still to do such as the above to make sure I make this the best book I can at this point in my writing. But, besides all of that, writing and writing and more writing.
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