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Writing resumes...

So, after playing over in my mind for a while about what I need to do with the existing 50,000 words of my WIP, I got to work on writing sort of a bridge section between my new opening and the remainder of the chapter.

I think I actually chopped out more words than I added, and I have a feeling that a bunch of dialogue I just wrote will end up scrapped in favor of a sentence or two remarking about what is said, since the reader already knows all of it.

Now that this small bridge scene is written I need to add in a character who didn't exist when I first wrote this chapter. That means I have to read the rest of the chapter from this point and then figure out how to add this character in seamlessly, oddly enough, just for me to kill him off.

But it needs to be done. The death of this character is an important event for one of my POV characters. It's actually the first of many events that pushes this POV character towards that moment that changes his life forever. This character is going to be put through the ringer. It's going to be fun slowly breaking him down and pushing him over that line.
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