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Getting back to basics...

So, I'm in that odd in-between time where I have just finished a first draft (my back story) that shall be hidden away until late Summer and where I am about to return to (and effectively restart all over) my WIP.

Ideas linger from the back story (things left undeveloped) and new ideas grown out of that writing experience are starting to line up and take a number, waiting their turn to be noticed. I suspect their patience will be fleeting and soon they will be hammering for attention and even bartering amongst themselves in a sort of line number exchange. I suspect there will be one or two that will simply force their way up front regardless.

So, what have I decided to do about all of this? Why, return to doing something I used to regularly do quite a long time ago.

- In my second world creation there is a book, a very special book, that plays a key role (and will actually get to play the MacGuffin in one particular book) culturally among others. I used to spend time adding little snippets to this book, little mini-histories, providing high-level accounts of either famous people or events from my created world.

- I also used to draw some rather crude maps of key places.

It is time, I realized this morning, that I return to include these two things in my normal writing routine.

So, I'm going to spend this coming weekend not only hashing out the new plot for my WIP, but deciding upon which day of the week would be good to concentrate on adding more snippets to this book and adding more maps or information to existing maps.

Fun stuff.



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