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Ups and downs...

I've been sick (head and chest cold...no flu) since late Thursday. Between work being extremely busy and now this cold knocking me off my feet I haven't been able to read or write much lately.

Part of that was I was really struggling with the penultimate scene in my back story. It's been a real struggle to write. Today I worked from home, taking care of all of my IT duties I can perform remotely. Once the day job was finally done I actually tried to write a little bit, even though I'm still quite under the weather.

And suddenly the words began to flow and this scene came alive. Today I've written 2552 words, which puts this penultimate scene at seven chapters and just over 8000 words. These chapters are about half the normal length, but they contain quite a lot of action...action that needs to switch between many POV characters. The shorter chapters enhance the quicker tempo and allow me to still make chapter breaks for POV switches.

Or at least that's the hope.
Tags: backstory, writing

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