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Wrapping up a Multi-POV book...

So, I'm still working through the climactic scene of my NaNo back story and it's been an eye-opener for me. I'm facing the challenge of how to wrap up the storylines of all of the POV characters in a way that will do them all justice.

The biggest challenge I'm seeing so far is how to get each POV character enough "screen time", if that makes sense. Since they are all taking place in a three-kingdom battle I'm struggling with how and when to switch between each POV character.

Up until now, each chapter of the book focused on one POV character. When I switched to another POV character, I started a new chapter. Having everyone involved in the same battle - some of the POV characters are actually together and others are doing their own things - makes giving each his/her own chapter just won't work.

Unless my chapters suddenly go from a few thousand words to barely a thousand.

My only other choice is to break down and start switching between POV characters within the same chapter.

Then again, a third option is to very tightly plot the battle when I get to the rewrite in such a way that I can have regular length chapters while not impacting the intensity of the overall scene, while managing to give each POV character their due.

Whichever way I end up going, it will be complicated by at least one of these POV characters getting killed off during the battle.

Considering the multi-volume epic fantasy story I want to write will have upwards of 10 POV characters, working through this process should prove quite fruitful later on.

ETA: I thought I should add I'm working with 5 POV characters here during the climactic scene. And, I've been thinking of possibly making another of the characters present a POV character whenever I get around to rewriting this thing.
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