cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

How did I get here...

So, I'm on the big finale. And somehow, not only do I have all of the major players in the same town in the midst of a major three-kingdom battle, they've all managed to end up in the same room together. I've got a knife-fight, and what is essentially a mage fight (I don't use the term mage but that's close enough for this posting), the discovery of a betrayal, the arrival of two more mages, and more swords and knives, all in the small tower chamber of a royal captive.

For now, I'll run with it. With all of that going on I've got to scatter most of them again. Just the proximity to a three on one mage fight in a small room alone will get half of these characters killed, so they won't be staying in this room for very long.

I didn't intend for them all to end up in such a small place like this, but that is part of the fun of first drafts. Let 'er rip and see what sticks.

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Fun stuff.
Tags: endings, first draft, writing

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