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So, the NaNo project is almost at an end. All I need to do is write the finale. Interestingly, as the finale stares me in the face I keep coming back to the suspicion I should have made another one of the characters a POV character.

If for no other reason than her perspective in the finale would really add impact to what happens. Definitely something to think about later when I eventually decide to try and rewrite this thing into a publishable book.

One of the author sites I read regularly is Magical Words, hosted by David B. Coe (davidbcoe), Misty Massey (madkestral), Faith Hunter (faithhunter) and C.E. Murphy (mizkit). These authors offer up posts about their experiences in writing. Lately, there have been posts dealing with a guideline on detailing a character so they are fleshed out properly and how to write dialog that moves the story forward and eliminates "said bookisms".

Fascinating posts, since the authors opened each thread up for anyone to have a go, after which, the authors gave their impressions. A very valuable exercise for fledgling writers.

The character exercise is one I will doing for all of my characters in the WIP I am so close to getting back to. I have a lot of: Stop! Think! work to do. Step One will be reading over the 35,000 or so words I wrote last year and deciding what stays and what goes. I know enough of the story, and have learned so much about two of the more important characters by writing the NaNo back story, I think I can really lay down the foundations of an excellent plot.

Part of me wants to just end the back story with a summary of the finale, but I know that would be a mistake. As eager as I am to get back to my WIP, it is these moments in the back story finale that really are the ones that shape the setting of the WIP. I know that I will only benefit by writing it out properly. Besides, getting an ending right is critical, so it would be foolish to pass up the learning experience.

Oh yes, two of the Magical Words authors above have mass market releases today. Go forth and check them out.


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Feb. 5th, 2009 12:02 am (UTC)
"I know that I will only benefit by writing it out properly." I agree - it's a bit like measure twice cut once. Take your time and do it right. I'm going to check out your Magical Words authors seeing as I fall in the fledgling writer category.
Feb. 5th, 2009 01:02 am (UTC)
Magical Words is an excellent site, IMHO. I hope you like it.
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