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An Unexpected Surprise...

When a UPS box from Amazon landed on my desk this morning I was surprised to say the least since nothing I have on pre-order is due to ship this week. So, what did I find when I opened the box:

Dark Haven: Book Three of the Chronicles of the Necromancer by Gail Z. Martin.

This is listed as shipping next week but here it is. So, that makes 16 books purchased this year so far. I'm looking forward to this book. The first two: The Summoner and The Blood King were quite enjoyable.

One of the things I'm looking forward to is this book picks up and continues where most stories end. The first two books completed the initial story arc. Now we see the aftermath and the struggles that exist in rebuilding and ending up with lives very different from when they started out.

Plus I get the impression we will learn more about the Vayash Moru (vampires) in this book as the name of the book is the main place many of them live. Based upon my enjoyment of the first two books this should be a really good read.

A nice Monday morning surprise indeed.
Tags: chronicles of the necromancer, dark haven, gail z. martin

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