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The Stepsister Scheme

I just finished reading The Stepsister Scheme by Jim C. Hines (jimhines).

How good was this book? Well, I read it straight through in one sitting (well, I did take out about 20 minutes to eat dinner). It is a fast-paced fun adventure - with a dark side - that keeps you turning the pages wondering how it will all turn out. I really enjoyed the characters, especially Talia.

I won't give away too much about the story. It takes place about a month or so after the end of Cinderella. And not Disney's Cinderella, but based upon older - and darker - versions of the story.

One of Danielle's (Cinderella's actual name in the book) stepsisters shows up wielding magic and trying to kill her. Danielle teams up with Snow (White) and Talia (Sleeping Beauty) to set off on a mission to rescue Danielle's kidnapped husband.

Both Snow and Talia have their unique abilities and Danielle learns to come into her own.

Overall, the plot was entertaining and the writing is excellent, mixing action, drama, humor and interesting modes of travel.

This is a real page turner, as evidenced by the fact that I could not put it down all day.

I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy and/or fairy tales in general. There are two more books planned in this series and I certainly look forward to them. I've been waiting months for this to come out ever since reading the opening chapter online and it was worth the wait.

I have a lot more books I plan on reading this year. The Stepsister Scheme will be hard pressed to not end up in my Top 10 favorites of the year.
Tags: jim c hines, read in 2009, stepsister scheme

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