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Merry Christmas!!!

Just dropping in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. This will be our first Christmas back up north since 2002 and it's a White Christmas with all the snow still on the ground from last Friday.

Today will be the last of the grocery shopping and then relaxing. Our cable has a Christmas music channel (2 in fact, one traditional with Sinatra and others, and the other more modern. We'll be sticking with the traditional one.) and relaxing. I'm off from work until Monday so I hope to get a bunch of writing or reading in.

The computer desk I bought on Saturday finally made its way from the car to my office. Hopefully, it will actually be put together today. So, no more writing on the couch!

On a final note, here's hoping Notre Dame can snap their 9 bowl losing streak later tonight. Considering they have to play Hawaii in Hawaii that does not look too promising. But that's what the DVR is for. Depending upon the outcome I get to press play or erase later.

Have a wonderful holiday (or a great rest of the week for those who don't observe any)!!!
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