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So, today is one of the big US holidays of the year. Luckily for me no traveling is involved. It's stay at home with the day off from work (I actually took this week off) with tons of food eating later on.

As I'm also doing NaNo for the first time today also included some writing. Today has produced about 3000 words bringing my NaNo total to:

58136 / 50000 words. 116% done!

I've looked back upon my writing this year. I haven't written very much (I am over 100,000 for the year and should pass 150,000 by New Years Eve) but I have made significant world building breakthroughs that will pay off huge benefits later.

Considering this year began with moving back up to New York after being in the deep South for the past 5 years I'm not surprised very little writing was accomplished in the first half of the year. The WIP I plan on returning to after my NaNo project is completed (which means January as I will need December to finish the first draft of the NaNo manuscript) was slow going in the beginning. It took me 5 months to write the first 25,000 words of my WIP. Then it took only 2 months to write the second 25,000 words. And now, I'm closing in on 60,000 words in November alone on my NaNo project.

There is a lot I need to write before crafting my WIP into what I hope will be a publishable manuscript. While I have spent a lot of time on word building it is in the actual writing where specific critical things are worked out. Even my NaNo project has fleshed out certain key components to how certain power is wielded in my second-world creation. Without that my WIP will not be as strong as it will be had I not taken the time out for NaNo. While its possible I may have come up with the same breakthrough ideas I may not have.

So, I'm planning on spending 2009 writing the first draft of a series of epic fantasy stories set in my timeline. If I can average 1000 words a day for the year that should be possible. 365,000 words should cover a few first drafts. Once those are done 2010 will be spent taking this year's WIP and revising it into the best book I can make it. Having first drafts of the next few stories already written will allow me to embed some foreshadowing that will come to fruition later as I know they will be specific important moments that take place later.

But all of that is in the future. The rest of today will be watching the last half of Return of the King (which we've seen here countless times now) and eating. I may do more writing later but I've more than made my word count for the day so no push there. I do hope to read a bit later.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US, and general best wishes to everyone else!!!


Dec. 3rd, 2008 04:16 pm (UTC)
I don't know if I can write a story that's only 45-50k. I've written sparse first drafts when I was younger that are around that length, but half of those pages contain single page sized condensed scenes that, upon a proper re-write would blossom to at least double the size.

I don't know if I can write a full story of that length. Perhaps its the side effect of reading so much epic fantasy - combined with developing a 10,000 year timeline for my own stories - I've conditioned my writing brain to think long term and to write longer stories.

This doesn't surprise me as I'm not much of a short story writer either.

What did your upcoming book end up at word count-wise?

Edited at 2008-12-03 04:16 pm (UTC)



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