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Chapter 11 is done

Well, it took longer than the weekend but Chapter 11 is done. (Or at least chapter 11 of draft #1 is done.) I have been wondering how this introduction was going to go. I have to say, I'm happy with it. I know there is a lot of fleshing out to do with this chapter when I do draft #2, but that shouldn't be a problem. I've established the mood I wanted and I have certain brief descriptions in it that will be the catalyst for the in-depth draft that will come later.

So, hopefully this week I will be able to tackle chapter 12. That is going to be interesting. After dropping hints about the prophecy I finally reveal what one portion of it means - sort of.

Anyway, I feel pretty good about the book so far. It really has grown so much since I jotted down a bunch of names during math class way back in junior high school.


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