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Book buying

So, I had an hour or so to kill the other day and spent it at the local Barnes & Noble, perusing the SFF section. I must say I'm amazed at how many running Fantasy Series Tor Books has on the shelves. But it was good to see so many other publishers putting out excellent fantasy as well. In looking at my recent purchases over the summer I've purchased fantasy books from 7 different publishers.

My local B&N is an interesting store, at least in terms of the SFF section. Whoever does the purchasing seems to be a huge fan of the following authors:

  • Mercedes Lackey

  • Terry Pratchett

  • Tanya Huff

  • L. E. Modesitt, Jr

They stock other writers pretty well but the above take up a lot of shelf space. Perhaps that might be due to their output as well as the buyer's like.

One odd thing about them is for some bizarre reason they never ever stock Gardens of the Moon, the first Malazan book. They have most of the others but since I've been frequenting this B&N for most of this year since moving back up to NY not one single time have I seen that first book in stock. Either it is snatched up the moment they put it on the shelves or for some strange reason they refuse to stock it. Even when the most recent Malazan book came out they didn't stock it.

Which also brings me to Brent Weeks. Orbit has released his trilogy in successive months. For some reason B&N has books 2 and 3 but has yet to restock book 1. Considering they have highlighted books 2 and 3 in their new release shelf in the SFF section one would think it would be a wise business decision to stock the entire trilogy since it all came out so close together.

Anyway, while noticing all of this I purchased 3 books:

  • Red Seas Under Red Skies (the second Locke Lamora book) by Scott Lynch

  • A Feast For Crows (book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire) by George R.R. Martin

  • The Fox (book 2 of Inda) by Sherwood Smith

They've been added to their respective places in the TBR pile. 2009 is shaping up to be a massive reading year. I've been looking at my time spent at home and realized I can fit far more reading time (and writing time) in.
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