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writing milestones and long term goals

I just realized that last week I passed 100,000 words for the year. Not too bad, but far short of what I expect my 2009 output to be. A large part of this year was spent on worldbulding and character development and playing around with narrative in search of my POV characters' voices.

I have a lot of writing to do, much of it will be detailed world building related. My goal in terms of working towards publication is to have a manuscript ready to shop around by late 2010. While that may seem quite a while away, it seems realistic knowing the amount I want to write before I lock into working a specific WIP (which is the one I was working on that my NaNo project ties into) and work and rework it into publishable form.

Back many many years ago when I was writing strictly for fun I churned out a series of novels set in my second world, at the latter end of my timeline (making them science fantasy). While they are mostly crap, they do form the foundation of about 2 years of events in my timeline. Those first drafts of 5 stories will form the basis of a whole slew of books. There is so much I shoved into them that I could turn those 5 books into about 10.

What I want to do over the next 12 months is a similar thing, though concentrating on the early part of my timeline (making them epic fantasy). I want to churn out the first draft of a few of these books. Once I have all of that I know I will have developed certain concepts beyond a notes file form into full fledged novel form. Once that is done I believe I will be able to rework my current WIP into the proper story. I'm already close, I think, but after I have those other books written to enhance the world building aspects I feel I will be able to produce on paper the story I have in my head.

Little steps on a long road.
Tags: goals, milestones

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