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So, I went down and voted today. Up here in the finger lakes region, part of the Southern Tier of New York, the majority of those on line to vote were retirees. I counted only a handful of people younger than me (I'm a few years younger than Obama) and only one kid newly eligible to vote, age-wise. At the moment, I'm not putting much into that as my guess is the younger voters are at work and will show up to the polls later on.

I'm a network admin so I have the flexibility to run down to the polling place and vote.

Anyway, that is done. Priority One now for today is to get my daily NaNoWriMo total in. I'm going to write on my lunch break just in case I get caught up watching the vote numbers tick in on TV.

Anyway, no matter which candidate you support, please get out there and vote. It's a pretty cool thing.
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