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An Auction from Author Jim Hines to Benefit NCADV

Jim Hines, he of Jig the Goblin fame is currently auctioning off an ARC of his upcoming novel The Stepsister Scheme, which comes out on January 6, 2009.

The auction went live yesterday, and will be ongoing for 10 days. Jim has stated that if the bid goes over $100.00 he will throw in an extra book or anthology (the winner will get to choose). Since last I checked the bid is just over that point so the ARC will include at least one more goodie for the winner.

This auction is to raise money and awareness of Domestic Violence, with all proceeds going to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

If you are interested in bidding, do so. Also, if you are interested in spreading the word about this auction Jim Hines has included a simple copy/paste setup for the banner to add to your own post. You can pop on over to Jim's LJ entry or simply use the same code below:

Thanks for helping out.

One last thing. For those wondering what's up with this stepsister thing?, Jim has the first chapter of the book available for preview on his website.

Go ahead and check it out. Jim delved back into the oldest, darkest versions of these fairy tales and decided to write what really went on instead of happily ever after?
Tags: ncadv, stepsister scheme

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