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Writing habits...

I've noticed since I've been working on my current WIP (which will hopefully someday become my first published novel) that I've developed an actual writing pattern. Almost all of the 50,000 words I've gotten down on the computer have been written during the week. My weekends have turned into reading time.

Considering I work a full time job (and rarely work only 40 hours each week (the life of a network administrator)) I'm surprised it's worked out this way. I had planned on getting in as much writing during the weekends as possible not expecting to be able to write on weeknights. I started out that way with this WIP but over the course of the past couple of months I've just migrated naturally to this current pattern.

I think it is serving this project very well. Besides devoting my weekends to reading (which often include a trip to the nearest Barnes & Noble), Saturday and Sunday are also my thinking time. Since I get a two day break from the story each week I make sure a part of my weekend is spent digesting what I've recently written and the story as a whole.

This weekend alone, this has produced happy results as my 3 POV characters continue to solidify themselves and as a result, reveal their purposes. Already, I know how I am going to either rewrite or tweak all three POV characters. There are layers that need to be added to the existing scenes and one important scene in particular that I am barreling headlong towards finally found a way to provide me with how I need to write it. Considering this coming scene was the original opening of this book (before I moved the timeline up to start a month or so earlier) and that circumstances have made that scene impossible to keep as it was, I've been worrying in the back of my mind about how I'm going to redo this scene and still get across what I need to.

After this weekend, I feel better about it. I have the foundation of how to re-present this scene, which is enough for now. The discovery and fun will come in the writing of it.

Anyway, I still have the major challenge of working in a character who remains off stage for most of the novel. His bit will be the trickiest to resolve. Hopefully in the coming weekends it will work itself out.

Everyone seems to develop their own general writing habits. Some write in the mornings, first thing. Others in the evening, after all other things are done.

Has a specific WIP ever demanded its own writing habit forcing you to break away from your normal routine just for that one story?
Tags: first novel, writing, writing habits

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