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Turning the corner on a character...

So, I've mentioned previously here and here the struggles I've had nailing down the proper narrative voice for one of my POV characters (the daughter and heir to the duke). Well, I just finished writing a 3000 word chapter of hers.

This chapter is, at least for me from a writer's perspective, an important one in this book. In some ways it is the most important one so far. It contains one of those moments where a character says something you weren't expecting, something that just pops out of their mouth from nowhere, that is that needed gem by which to spur the catalyst for a character who will turn out to be completely something other than initially expected.

Aside from the above, through the course of these 3000 words I finally found that narrative voice I've been searching for. Who knew putting this character in a situation where she begins to feel increasingly isolated and dehumanized would be just the thing for her to finally crack my skull open wide enough for me to get out of the way and just let her talk?

Maybe its because I'm a guy and this is my main female character it's been such a struggle. Who knows? The bottom line is, I think I finally understand this character. Now, I will need to go back through the first part of this chapter and fill in her voice better. It took the course of the chapter to capture it. And then I have to go back through her earlier chapters and either tweak them or rewrite them whole. I think I can layer in her narrative voice without having to resort to complete rewrites. Looking back I wasn't that far off, just off far enough for me to know it was wrong.

So, heading into the weekend I feel a real sense of relief and accomplishment.

Now I just have to hope when I give this chapter a re-read later this evening after returning from hanging out with family and friends, I don't think its all utter crap.

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