cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

Do you read books published by Daw? Well, there's a new Daw Community...

In case anyone on my LJ Friends list is unaware, a short while ago the author Joshua Palmatier known in LJ land as jpsorrow started up the new Daw Community: dawbooks.

This is a place where many of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Daw Authors are highlighted. This is where they introduce themselves and their books to all of us who love to read.

There is a weekly Featured Author as well as a periodic lists of new releases forthcoming.

Daw has long been one of my favorite SF/F publishers. One look at my book collection could attest to that. They are on my short list of dream publishers for me, if I ever make it to the status of: Published Author! (sadly I can't help but picture Spongebob Squarepants declare this for me in that Hall Monitor voice of his).

Anyway, head over there, join up and interact with some really excellent authors. Perhaps you'll discover that gem of a novel that's just been hanging out there waiting for you to notice it.

One more thing: Spread the word!!!
Tags: daw books community

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