cedunkley (cedunkley) wrote,

Things to do...

Things to do:

*Extract the two identified chapters and set aside for insertion into part two of current WIP.
*Replace them with two new chapters that followed the revamped POV timeline.
*Reorganize placement of two chapters of other POV to fit calendar dates within story to line up with the new chapters of other POV.
*Finalize breakdown of barons visited on progress.
*Make a copy of map and draw baron boundaries.
*Hit 40,000 words in the WIP.
*Finish reading "The Tower of Shadows" by Drew Bowling.
*Decide which of the following to read next:
--Jim Abercrombie's First Law trilogy
--Gail Z. Martin's Chronicles of the Necromancer Books 1 and 2
--"Feast of Souls" by C. S. Friedman
--"Elantris" by Brandon Sanderson

That'll do for now.
Tags: to do list

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