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Notes files and ideas

Note to self: If you're going to keep a notes file for all your ideas for your current WIP, make a point to ACTUALLY READ THE THING AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK!!!

Anyway, today is being spent on taking stock of my WIP to date. I've got seventeen chapters that cover just under 35,000 words. Two of these chapters need to be moved to the second half of the book as they need to occur much later in the story.

While I looked at the reshuffle and thought about the new chapters that needed to be written in this opening part to take their place, I had one of those moments where things just clicked into place.

One of the most critical things I need to pull off in this book is making the duke's terrible act believable. One of the subplots of the book is this character's deterioration through a series of events that push him to a place where he ends up able to cross a line he would never have thought possible.

So, I typed into my notes file that I need to make a list of the key events that take their toll. And then it hit me. One of the other two main subplots was just staring me in the face waiting for me to notice how it could become one of the most important events that push the duke beyond morality. So, now I have to make sure I include references to this second subplot in the duke's narrative. Why I didn't realize this would weigh heavily upon the duke is just one of those odd things. Sometimes the thing right in front of you, the thing you think is blocking you from seeing something important is something important.

So, my opening chapter is fixed (or at least first draft stage fixed), and two of the three main plots are much clearer in how they will play out and the impact they will have in driving the book towards the pivotal event. And I've solidified the real kick in the head reveal that will follow.

So, going into the weekend I feel really good about the story, better than I have for a little while. I'm only now realizing how much the opening chapter was bothering me and getting in the way.

I can see the whole story coming together, weaving the three plotlines back into a cohesive whole. It's starting to look like a novel - at least in my head. There is a lot more to get down on paper before I know whether or not what's in my head is translating to the written word properly. But at least I can envision it. That's a key step.
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