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Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker

In my travels around various author sites I came across the following portion of Brandon Sanderson's website (for those who may not be familiar with Brandon he is the author of Elantris and the Mistborn trilogy and was hand picked by Robert Jordan's widow to write the concluding novel to the Wheel of Time) :

Brandon Sanderson (mistborn) is making his soon to be published novel "Warbreaker" from Tor Books available for free online at the same time of its hardcover publication. Not only will it available then but in the mean time he is posting all of the various drafts of the novel online. So, we get to witness him in his creation process from early rough first draft, through various edits and revisions all the way to the finished product sometime next year.

Here's a link to this on Brandon's website:

Warbreaker portal

Here's a quote from his website:

I went to Tor and asked if they'd be okay with me posting the entire version of Warbreaker AS I WROTE IT. Meaning, rough drafts. The early, early stuff which is filled with problems and errors. They thought I was crazy too (my agent STILL thinks this project is a bad move) but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do something that would involve and reward my readers. For those who are aspiring novelists, I wanted to show an early version of my work so they could follow its editing and progress. For those who are looking to try out my novels, I wanted to offer a free download. (Hoping that they would enjoy the book a great deal, then go on to purchase or check out ELANTRIS or my Mistborn books.)

Warbreaker, by the way, takes place in the Elantris world. Check it out.
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