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Short Stories

So, I actually wrote a short story today. Let me clue you in on something:

I don't write short stories. I just don't think I have that type of writers mind. I'm more of the long epic fantasy kind of writer. Even now, my current WIP (which I hope will become my first published novel someday) is nearing 30,000 words out of the 100,000 I estimated. I can tell already, judging by how soon 40,000 will be coming up this novel will end up around the 150,000 to 160,000 mark instead.

Anyway, no sooner did I finish my short story and popped back to LJ land to see what was going on when I found this post from Magical Words: Short Stories v. Novels: Fight! by C. E. Murphy (mizkit) waiting to be read.

By the way, they have a cool website where each of the authors involved takes turns posting about their writing and publishing experiences.
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