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Assessing August...*

August is always my favorite month of the year. This August was a pretty good one.

After a flurry of writing on my WIP in the latter half of July, August was spent mostly in world building and the solving of a mystery that unexpectedly demanded it be central to the overall plot.

I did manage to add about 1200 words to the overall WIP, but I also went back to the opening chapter and did some much needed revisions, cutting and adding, to clarify certain things.

There is still more revisions to do to get the opening chapter just right. I've some ideas in my head, but nothing that needs pursuing at this time. It needs to percolate more.

I have one more major thing to tackle before moving forward: the timeline of events.

In this WIP's original incarnation the events took place over a period of only 3 weeks. As the story has grown to what it is now it will encompass at least 6 months. I have my own calendar created for this world I write about. I need to revisit it to make sure I've no continuity errors.

Once that is done, writing should resume. I already know I have to add a chapter right after the opening, turning the current chapter 2 into chapter 3.

Another thing I need to do is examine more closely the flow of each individual POV's storyline. At the moment, each journey is too choppy. I need to make each flow better and make sure I keep each consistent with the overall timeline in place.

I'm not overly worried about this. I am writing the first draft after all.


I'm in the middle of reading a bunch of novels. Rarely does someone find me reading only one. The novel that is currently hoarding the bulk of my reading time is Lois McMaster Bujold's The Curse of Chalion. This is actually my first time reading Bujold. I'm just nearing the halfway point of the book and I can see why she is so highly recommended and awarded.

So, even though I am reading the above (plus a few other books) and have a couple of series lined up to read, that did not stop me from buying yet more books this weekend:

I picked up Joe Abercrombie's Last Argument of Kings (First Law: Book Three) to go along with the first two books which I had purchased recently. I'm looking forward to reading this trilogy.

Also, I picked up Brian Ruckley's Winterbirth, the first of his Godless World trilogy.

And I also picked up Karen Miller's Empress and The Riven Kingdom books 1 and 2 of her Godspeaker trilogy.

And I had to put back a few other books that I want. I'll be back for them soon though.

My next purchases will be from Amazon of a couple of books the average bookstore doesn't stock.


August was a fun month. I took a vacation that consisted of actually going places and doing things. Two days were spent in Hershey Park. I'd never been there before and I really enjoyed it. However, the roadways in that area of Pennsylvania are horrible. Way too many merge on then right off again, merge on then right off again, to get to a place that so many people are going to. Why they haven't built a simpler route to get to Hershey Park is puzzling. And so far I have to say the drivers in Pennsylvania are the worst I've encountered so far.

Besides Hershey Park there was a trip up to the gorge in Watkin's Glenn. That was really enjoyable and will come in handy as inspiration for describing part of the journey one of my POV character's will undertake.

The rest of the vacation consisted of more book buying (not the books mentioned above) and reading and relaxing and walking. The best thing about the week is it actually felt long enough. The only thing I didn't get to do was get into Manhattan. Next time...

One last thing, for my birthday my younger brother mailed me one of reissued 1970s G.I. Joes (the ones with the life-like hair). Really cool. We used to have a whole collection of originals but they were destroyed one day by the family's great dane.

September is here...already.

*accessing corrected to assessing. The pitfalls of spellcheck.
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