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More of the mystery solved...

So, after thinking for a while once I knew the Who of the mystery that has inserted itself into my WIP, I think I've come up with the Why and What For. Whether it will stand by the end up the book or not remains to be seen, but I think it will.

And I have to say, delving into the past of these two characters has opened up so many possibilities. I may even try my hand at a few short stories regarding the two, even if they end up remaining only for my personal consumption. (This is most likely as I am not a short story writer.)

Anyway, my foot-tapping heroine finally has something to do again and I now get to go back through the few chapters I have of one of my POV characters, (who is one of the two Who from above) and add in some needed elements.

And then it is onward. I wrote a pretty decent amount in July, hitting my 25,000 word goal. August has been spent vacationing and trying to unravel this unexpected mystery. Now I hope to get back to steady writing for the remainder of this month and going forward.

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Tags: first novel, mysteries, pov, writing

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