August 23rd, 2011


Planning the Middle...

While I am still working through the opening, which requires much more of an extensive rewrite now that a character who died in the opening chapter doesn't die, my mind is already reaching ahead to the Middle of the Book. In-between the actually writing, which is going slowly weaving a character into scenes he originally wasn't in, plot thoughts keep bubbling up to the surface for one group of characters who all end up together far from the main action. Lots of ideas coming. This is going to be interesting because there is a very good chance that when I actually get to write the middle chapters the ideas I have now may be tossed aside for whatever my brain might spring upon me then.

No matter how many great ideas I have in the planning stages so many things can change during the actual writing stage. I think a large part has to do with the characters themselves being active in the written word where their personalities will end up directly influencing the events that take place. Right now I really like this whole subplot I'm developing. Until I get to actually writing it I won't know if my characters will like it.