August 4th, 2011



When I was young I used to come home from school, knock out my homework and then write. I could churn out pages at a pretty quick pace. I look back at my younger self and sometimes long for that level of productivity.

But then I realize that speed isn't the be all and end all of productivity. In my full time job (meaning paying) I work in the IT field. I learned early on that doing something correctly far outweighed doing something quickly.

So, while I don't churn out pages at an Asimov pace anymore I feel pretty good that what I do produce stomps my much earlier writings into the dirt. And yet I am no where near where I can just sit down and produce prose that simply needs a light edit. But then again, is anyone?

Right now when reflecting upon my writing I'm really happy that I'm seeing things that need to be seen much quicker than I used to. I can recognize much faster when something isn't working. Progress? Yes. Now back to writing.