April 27th, 2010


One can never be too careful about backing up...

So, the laptop I often use to write on got zapped by a virus. Luckily, I was able to back up my manuscripts (the completed 1st draft of the Back Story and my current WIP) onto a usb key. Having reloaded the OS and all software onto the laptop the time came to transfer back my files.

One problem: I seem to have misplaced the usb key. This is quite odd and completely out of character. Heck, I know exactly where a different usb key of mine is and I've had that one for about 6 years. I know this usb key is in here somewhere (new apartment with boxes and other stuff galore still to find a proper place) but search as I have I cannot locate it.

Luckily, I remembered emailing the completed Back Story draft to myself. I went in search of that through my emails to see if, by chance I had also emailed my WIP as it was at that point.

And indeed I had. I expect I shall find the usb key eventually but at least I didn't just lose over a year's worth of writing. I am missing about 5 pages, but no matter. Those pages were the beginning feeling out process of introducing 2 characters and needed to be tossed anyway.

Now, I can go to sleep, which I need to do since I have to be up and at the day job in less than 8 hours.

Oh, and I was smart enough to email my "notes" file to myself, containing all of those wonderful insights and plot bunnies I have in store for the remainder of this WIP.

Yes, I can sleep well tonight indeed. :-)
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