May 19th, 2009


When technology makes things go backwards...

Apparently, now that the Library of Congress has installed an electronic copyright system it's making the time to get your copyright submission process even longer.

Copyright Office Bogged Down by New System

Here's an excerpt:

About 45 percent of applications are still in paper form. The staff is spending so much time handling the paper claims, it doesn't have enough time to process electronic applications, which has created delays for online claims now, too. It now takes six months to process electronic claims when it should take one month.

Of the 10,000 applications that pour into the Copyright Office each week, the staff can process about 7,000, adding 3,000 untouched applications to a growing pile that currently totals about 523,000. Workers are now handling paper applications received in late 2007.

The article does mention that this isn't impacting the large publishing houses. And it mentions the government does have a "special handling fee" of $685 which expedites registration.

How nice of them.