November 11th, 2008


Veterans' Day

Just wanted to give a quick post for Veteran's Day and give my thanks to all those who served. I believe my generation is the first in my family where none of us served in the military. I gave it serious thought but my asthma at that age was pretty severe and I didn't think I would be accepted. So, many of my friends went away to serve and I and the rest of my friends kept in touch throughout their times oversees (including the Gulf War back in 1991).

All my uncles served. One grandfather was a seabee in WWII. And going back to Great Britain and Ireland my great uncles and great great uncles and great grandfather all served. They all had their reasons. Some were drafted, others volunteered. And their service was spread out. My uncles, all being very strong individuals, all went into different branches of the military.

I have my grandfather's naval picture hanging up in my living room.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.